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Regulations for the issue of Eurorest Vouchers

TLG Travel Group LLC based in 19801 Wilmington, DE, 108 West 13th Street, USA, a company incorporated under US commercial law entered into the register of limited liability companies of the state of Delaware (hereinafter the “Provider”) sets out these regulations, which define the rights and obligations of the parties in terms of the implementation of the contract for the issue of Eurorest Vouchers.

Information concerning the distribution of Eurorest Vouchers may be disseminated through various websites related thematically to travel and tourism, however, getting in possession of the Eurorest Voucher is made via the website https://www.eurorest.net/. The delivery of a Voucher is preceded by acceptance and confirmation of the understanding of the terms of these regulations. The Parties accept all provisions of the regulations as a binding basis for the performance of the sales contract.


Provider - TLG Travel Group LLC based in 19801 Wilmington, DE, 108 West 13th Street, USA, the entity issuing and delivering the Eurorest Voucher. The Provider's task is to provide the Recipient with a Voucher, on the basis of which he will receive a discount for stays in the Facilities provided for in these regulations.

Recipient - a natural person who is 18 years of age and has full legal capacity, as well as a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person, the legal provisions of which grant specific legal rights, and which is interested in receiving the Eurorest Voucher.

Facility - a hotel or other tourism organizer that provides the opportunity to use accommodations under the Eurorest discounts system, under the conditions resulting from these regulations and the principles of providing hotel services by the Facility.

The Operator - Infinity LLC based in Wrocław, Św. Jerzego str. 1A, 50-518 Wrocław, National Court Register Number(KRS) 0000726672, Business Registration Numer (REGON) 369945246, VAT ID (NIP) 8982242558, providing the Provider with Voucher delivery services to the Recipients and customer service.

§1 Eurorest hotel Voucher
  1. The Eurorest hotel Voucher is a personal document entitling up to two people to the use of free accommodation in the Facilities listed in the Hotel Catalogue, subject to the payment of mandatory feeding rates for the actual period of stay.
  2. Receipt of the Eurorest Hotel Voucher is possible after the payment of fees related to its issue and delivery.
  3. The maximum number of free nights, which the Eurorest hotel Voucher entitles to, is mentioned on the Voucher form in the "Number of nights" field ".
  4. Eurorest hotel Vouchers can be combined in order to prolong the stay.
  5. An expiry date of the Eurorest hotel Voucher, determined at the purchase step, is marked by a date placed in the ‘Expiry date’ field on the Voucher. Stay at a venue should end no later than on the last day of validity of the Voucher.
  6. The Recipient may use the hotel Voucher only once and only in one personally selected Facility. The Property is obliged to keep the hotel Voucher at the moment of the Consumer's arrival.
  7. The Eurorest hotel Voucher is provided with a security code and contains computer-filled fields: Voucher number, expiration date, number of nights. The Recipient fills out certain fields by himself, with a pen, in block letters: name and surname, address of residence. He is also obliged to sign the Voucher in the "Signature of the Voucher holder" field.
  8. The hotel Voucher may be delivered to the Recipient by traditional mail or generated electronically and delivered to the Recipient by e-mail in the form of a PDF file directly after payment for the delivery and issue. The content of the Electronic Voucher and the scope of its use are the same as the paper Voucher.
  9. A Eurorest hotel Voucher is invalid, if it has reached its expiration date, it has been damaged in a way that would not confirm its credibility, it was completed by the Recipient in a manner inconsistent with the rules set out in point 6 or the Recipient did not sign it in the "Signature of the Voucher holder" field.
  10. If a Eurorest Hotel Voucher is lost or damaged by the Recipient, no duplicates will be issued. For an unused hotel Voucher, a Consumer is not entitled to a refund of its monetary equivalent or any other benefit.

§2 Hotel Catalogue

The Hotel Catalogue containing a list of all of the Facilities, which are obliged to service the Recipients, is being held under the Internet address https://www.eurorest.net/ and contains, among others, the following information about each Facility:

  1. periods in which the Facility accepts Recipients;
  2. a daily number and type of meals served to the Recipients by the Facility;
  3. the amount of mandatory feeding rates applicable to the Recipients in the Facilities. The feeding rates are daily rates suited for one adult and include meals declared by the Facility together with standard hotel service. The Recipient is obliged to regulate the mandatory feeding rates in the Facility where he will redeem the Voucher.

§3 Laws and obligations of the Facilities
  1. On the basis of separate agreements concluded with the Provider, the Facilities are obliged to accept the Recipients on the terms resulting from these regulations and the Voucher.
  2. The Facilities provide the Recipient with minimum 2 meals a day for the entire period of stay.
  3. If there are no vacancies on the date proposed by the Recipient, also in the period of accepting Recipients designated by the Facility, the Facilities have the right to refuse to accept the reservation.
  4. The Facilities may refuse to service the Recipient or terminate it with immediate effect if the Recipient has not complied with the rules set out in these regulations or violated the regulations in force in the Facilities.

§4 Laws and obligations of the Recipient
  1. The Recipient, before arriving at the Facility, is obliged to directly and independently contact the selected Facility, make a reservation and confirm the validity of the rates applicable to the Recipients in the Facility.
  2. The Recipient is obliged to individually choose the date and determine the length of stay in the Facility, as well as to provide this information to the Facility staff at the time of booking.
  3. The condition of the Recipient's service by the Facility is that the Recipient pays mandatory feeding rates for the entire period of stay for each person staying in the Facility as part of the Eurorest Voucher. The rates should be paid in advance in the amount equal to the number of planned nights for each adult. The rates are listed in the Facility offer in the Hotel Catalogue.
  4. The Recipient is obliged to organize the transport to and from the Facility on his own and at his own expense.
  5. Recipients using additional paid services offered by the Facility, such as: sports facilities, telephone, extra beds, parking, etc., are obliged to pay them in accordance with the price list valid in the Facility, in terms compliant with the regulations of the Facility or individually agreed with the Facility.
  6. When using the services offered by the Provider, the Recipient should exercise its rights in accordance with generally applicable regulations, principles of good manners and act in accordance with fair market practice, in particular not to provide the Provider or third parties with unlawful content using the Vouchers.

§5 Terms of delivery of the Voucher
  1. The Voucher is sent to the mailing address or to the e-mail address indicated on the order form. The Provider shall inform the Recipient immediately about an incorrectly completed order form which prevents shipments or may delay it.
  2. Depending on the regulations in force in the country in which the transaction is made, the Provider allows the Recipient to pay by bank transfer, payment card or via payment services.
  3. When selecting the online payment option, the time necessary for the payment service to verify the transaction may be added to the time needed to receive the Voucher.

§6 Complaint procedure
  1. The Operator, acting on behalf of the Supplier, is the entity responsible for the implementation of obligations related to handling complaints and returns, as well as the procedure for withdrawing from the contract referred to in §8 of the Regulations.
  2. In case of determining the Voucher as faulty by the Recipient, e.g. lack of possibility to stay in the Venue on conditions stated in the Voucher or other discrepancies, the Receiver should contact the Service via contact form.
  3. The deadline for considering the complaint by the Operator acting on behalf of the Supplier is 14 days.
  4. If the complaint is accepted, the Supplier will exchange the Voucher or, in accordance with the Customer's request, refund or reduce the Voucher issue price.
  5. The Recipient has the right to use out-of-court dispute resolution, and information on this subject is available, inter alia, at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. Subjecting the dispute to the out-of-court settlement method depends on the consent of the Provider.

§7 Contract withdrawal
  1. The recipient being a consumer who entered the contract on the basis of Terms and Conditions hereby, has a right to withdraw from this contract within a period of 14 days without giving any reason, by an unequivocal written statement or a withdrawal form. The right of withdrawal is limited to 14 days period from the moment of delivering the Voucher to the Recipient.
  2. In case of withdrawing from the contract, the Recipient may send a message via contact form with contents such as shown underneath or similar:
    I hereby give notice of my withdrawal from the contract of sale of the
    Eurorest Voucher no. ................... entered outside the premises of the company on ............................................... in compliance with a given period of 14 days.
    I request a refund of a charge in the same payment form as it was made.

§8 Personal data protection
  1. The administrator of personal data provided by the Recpients in connection with the transaction is the Provider.
  2. Personal data are used to implement sales contracts, therefore they may be transferred to entities responsible for handling and delivery of purchased Vouchers to the Recipient. Depending on the additional consent granted by the Recipient, personal data may also be used for marketing purposes.
  3. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is a contract or a consent granted by the Recipient and applicable rules of law. It is reported that personal data may be disclosed to recipients of data under current law or when it is necessary to implement the provisions of this agreement (recipients who are entities processing on behalf of the Provider by entrusting the processing of personal data). It is noted that personal data provided during the sale transaction will be processed for a period of time based on applicable rules of law. The Recipient is informed about the right of access to his personal data, their rectification, removal or limitation of processing. Information about the right to object to the processing and the right to transfer personal data. He also is informed of the right to object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes with regard to their own products and services at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal. He is informed about the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of data to the supervisory body. It is reported that the provision of personal data is a condition for the conclusion of the contract and is necessary for the implementation of the above objectives resulting from the implementation of the provisions contained in the contract. Failure to provide personal data will result in the inability to conclude a contract and implement its provisions.

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